Mark Sarinana grew up in Southern California, and was lucky enough to live near the ocean all his life – spending most of his time surfing the typical three-fin, high-performance shortboard. He started shaping in 2013, and like so many shapers before him, Mark started building surfboards as a fun project and to save a little money. Very quickly, his interest grew into a passion and a few years later, ‘Surfboards from Mars’ was born.

Mark finds building surfboards both intellectually and artistically stimulating, and continually learns new techniques and tricks in both the shaping bay and on the glassing stands. He spends a great deal of time making each board and tests his surfboard models extensively, mostly around California, but also on the east coast, and in Hawaii.

His most researched designs are usually shorter and wider crafts, that have performance characteristics build into them, unlike the common retro designs of the past. These days he prefers to ride and build unconventional designs that are great for the Southern California area where both performance and style are so important.

All surfboards are built using the highest quality EPS foams, Bio-Epoxy resins systems, and are eco-friendly approved by Sustainable Surf.org. Producing “green-er”, quality, high-performance surfboards is the primary goal of Mark’s work.


*2015 Eco-board Level One Certification from Sustainable surf.

*2017 Eco-board Gold Level Certification from Sustainable surf.

*2017 San Diego Boardroom Show Contestant “Best in Show” – Channel Bottom Contest exhibitor.

*2016 Published Article in The Inertia – “Smaller Businesses make a Big Impact in Eco board Movement.”



Instagram: @surfboardsfrommars